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Why Offshore Fox

Offshore Fox is here to address the current unbalanced argument against the offshore financial services industry.

We are a platform for those offshore specialists who don't subscribe to the campaign of misinformation that seeks to destroy the worldwide offshore industry.

We are a gateway for those members of the public who seek to assert their fundamental human right -- the right to privacy of their own financial affairs.

Why We Must Speak Out

Since the early nineties, we have witnessed a concerted, media-supported campaign against the world's offshore financial industry.

Whilst some of the criticisms were directed at those individual offshore centres that perhaps lacked appropriate regulation, attempts have also been made to smear the offshore financial industry as a whole.

It is our belief that this is an orchestrated effort by governmental authorities across the developed world who seek to impose tax and financial conformity on a global basis.

The European Union, as well as a number of undemocratic and unelected international organisations, have set out to establish mechanisms for global taxation, to put in place global information-exchange protocols and to see the end of bank secrecy worldwide.

Underhand tactics are being used to further the aims of the bureaucrat. So-called "name and shame" lists of nations unwilling to comply, carrying with them illegal threats of sanctions, have been issued by the following organisations:

  • Fiscal Affairs Committee of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): Claims that tax havens offering low or zero tax rates must be penalised to prevent "unfair tax competition" amongst nations.
  • Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF): Seeks to destroy bank secrecy worldwide through the assertion that it is only of interest to money launderers.
  • Financial Stability Forum (FSF): Involved in a laughable (and now failed) attempt to prove that offshore financial centres threaten world economic stability.

All three organisations are part of the same coalition, controlled by high-tax, high-spend industrialised G7 nations. Their cynical agenda is to prevent tax leakage by destroying the financial services industries of offshore centres where the over-taxed might find protection.

What Is at Stake

The attacks on offshore havens have given rise to many unacceptable practices and policies in offshore havens and banks worldwide. Most of these practices seriously infringe the individuals' right to prosper and protect the results of their labour.

Accepting the new infringements is not an option. Doing so will compromise the security of your assets in the long term.

Free Information, Free Thinking

The smear campaign against offshore financial centres has changed the world's offshore map: some traditional offshore havens have been turned into international outcasts, others have changed their ways, and a few can no longer be called "offshore" as we used to understand it.

The ever-growing Offshore Fox network of websites aims to be a reliable, no-nonsense source of offshore information in this new climate.

All Offshore Fox websites are produced under the direction of offshore specialists who share a common vision, so that you benefit from a pool of knowledge, expertise and inspiration.

Offshore Fox is here for those seeking the cutting-edge in offshore financial planning, private banking, unorthodox financial privacy strategies and more.

Why You Must Not Delay

The last decade brought a shift in thinking about offshore financial privacy, and the next years will bring even greater changes.

We must expect that in the future centralised authorities will happily utilise advances in technology and information exchange as a formidable weapon during global tax harvests.

Now is the time of transition between what was and what will be -- and now is the time to structure and plan a long-term offshore strategy.

How long the transition period lasts is entirely dependent on the resilience and ingenuity of offshore financial planners, and the resolve of the global authorities that seek to impose their order at the expense of our freedoms.

And those that we are up against waste no time. Here are the words of Hans Eickel, the German Finance Minister:

"We are agreed we have to do everything we can to have a worldwide system of information exchange."

A terrifying thought indeed.

Don't be left behind. Act now.




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