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Protection of assets from lawsuits Financial confidentiality,
secrecy, anonymity
Tax mitigation/avoidance Hassle-free banking transactions
Secure preservation and investment of assets International trading and/or finance
Estate planning Offshore residency/relocation

What do you expect to get from the offshore provider?

Select all answers that apply.
Broad advice/opinion New offshore strategy design and full implementation
Answer to a specific question Specific task/service completion
Existing offshore strategy evaluation Other

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Offshore corporations, structures, concepts
Offshore corporations Asset protection
Offshore trusts Trading
Foundations/anstalts Confidentiality/privacy
Offshore partnerships Beneficial owner anonymity
Hybrid corporate forms Nominee directors
'Aged' corporations Nominee shareholders
Low profile offshore forms Full administration
Multi-jurisdictional structures    
Onshore corporate agents

Offshore jurisdictions: legislation and customs
Beneficial owners' confidentiality Legislation
Corporate officers' confidentiality Actual practices
Banking secrecy Resistance to outside pressure
Unusual transactions reporting    
Money laundering Traditional jurisdictions
Non-resident corporate tax Low profile jurisdictions
Third-country tax offences Blacklisted jurisdictions

Offshore bank accounts
Personal Europe Confidential
Corporate Near East Numbered
    Asia Pacific Anonymous
Credit card North America Reference free
Investment Latin America Low profile
Trading Caribbean Flexible operation
        High turnover
Administered accounts        

Financial transactions
Confidential asset transfers Foreign exchange
Transfers to offshore havens Soft currencies
Rapid/frequent in-out transfers Bank drafts
Payments to third parties Bearer bonds/instruments
Funds deposit Escrow
Funds withdrawal Financial intermediaries

Emergency financial transactions, legal assistance
Source of funds issues Other
Frozen funds    
Asset confiscation

Offshore investments
Deposit certificates/bonds Tax free investing
Equities Confidential investing
Mutual funds Anonymous investing
Offshore annuities    
Managed portfolios
Currency/commodities trading
Alternative investments

International trading
Transfer pricing/re-invoicing Accumulation of profits offshore
Factoring Tax mitigation
Back-to-back loans Tax treaties
Leasing Tax-free zones/freeports
Letters of credit Exchange controls mitigation
E-commerce Cash positions/accounts admin.
Int'l HQ companies Trade documentation
Ready-to-trade packages    

Offshore financing
Offshore loans Credit enhancement
Offshore listings Insolvency
Public offerings Special purpose vehicles
Offshore securities issuance    

Licensed offshore vehicles, special registrations
Offshore banking licences Correspondent (nostro) accounts
Offshore insurance/reinsurance licences    
Rent-a-captive Cell companies
Offshore brokerage registration    
Investment funds registration Ship registration
Offshore gaming licences Aircraft registration

Residency and relocation
Tax benefits Europe Offshore property purchase
Retirement Caribbean    
Family relocation Latin America
Residency leading to citizenship    

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