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What is an offshore company?

An offshore company, or an offshore corporation, is a term that usually refers to a company incorporated under special legislation in one of the world's offshore financial centres (commonly known as offshore tax havens). Offshore corporate legislation typically targets non-residents and permits them to form, own and operate companies that have broad powers, are easy to administer and, above all, are subject to minimal or even zero taxation.

Confidentiality of ownership is also an important factor to many of those who decide to form an offshore company; in many offshore havens it is still possible to structure ownership of a company in such a way that the identity of beneficial owner is protected.

An offshore company can usually be owned and operated by persons of any nationality, and a visit to to the desired offshore centre is not necessary in order to incorporate one.

Why should I incorporate offshore?

An offshore company can be put to a variety of uses. If you are an entrepreneur, you might want to incorporate offshore in order to:

- minimise your tax bills,
- simplify the administration of your business,
- expand your operations, or
- set up an e-commerce operation.

But going offshore isn't just for businesses. Many private individuals also incorporate offshore, even if they have no intention to involve their offshore company in any active trading. Incorporate offshore, or at least give it some thought, if any of the following is on your mind:

- tax avoidance,
- asset protection,
- estate planning,
- financial privacy / anonymity,
- overseas property holding,
- global investing / tax-free investing.

Overall, an offshore company certainly is a very flexible and powerful vehicle. Isn't it time you made one a part of your financial planning?

What is an offshore shelf company?

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What is an anonymous offshore company?

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What are the best havens for offshore company formation?

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I want to incorporate an offshore company. How do I start?

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