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What's coming up

At Offshore Fox we're always working to bring you relevant and up-to-date offshore information.

A few of the projects we have scheduled for 2005 are:

  • Second Passports: Now launched. The latest addition to our family of websites takes a no-nonsense look at the subject of second passports. Initial reader feedback suggests we have met our goal of providing an informative insight into the workings of this misunderstood offshoot of the offshore industry.
  • Swiss Banking: Swiss-style banking, in and outside of Switzerland. Due to popular demand, we are preparing a website all about Swiss-style banking, to complement our successful Financial Privacy site. Swiss Banking will go live in a few months.
  • Offshore Residency: Another project supervised by Lawrence Buckley, the author of our Second Passports website. An authoritative guide to the world's best offshore residency programmes, scheduled for launch on Offshore Fox towards the end of 2006.

Help us make Offshore Fox yet better

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