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Offshore Corporations

Offshore corporations in a changing offshore world. Alternative tax havens and strategies.

The world's offshore map is changing fast. Do you have all the facts you need to choose the best route? We are here to help you make informed decisions. Benefit from practical tips and advice, presented from our fresh, uncompromising perspective.


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Financial Privacy

New strategies for confidential offshore banking.

Whatever your reasons for wanting financial privacy, you're up against high-tax, high-spend governments who see bank secrecy as a threat to their revenues. We look at their tactics so that you know:

» What you're up against, and

» How to fight back.


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Second Passports

A no-nonsense look at the controversial subject of second passports.

New! We have teamed up with Lawrence Buckley to bring you an informative insight into the workings of this misunderstood offshoot of the offshore industry.

Lawrence is the principal of a consultancy specialising in arranging offshore residency.



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Swiss Banking

Swiss-style banking, in and outside of Switzerland.

Coming soon. Due to popular demand, we are preparing a website all about Swiss-style banking, to complement our successful Financial Privacy site. We can email you when Swiss Banking goes live.


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